Our Policies

1A. Childrens Rights and Entitlements

1B. Safeguarding Children & Child Protection 2023-24

1C. Looked After Children

1D. An Uncollected Child

1E. Missing Child

1F. Use of Mobile Telephones and Cameras

1G. Internet Policy and Procedure

1H. Photography Policy and Procedure

1I. Whistle Blowing

2A. Employment of Staff

2B. Staff Code of Conduct

2C. Grievance Policy

2D. Disciplinary Policy and Procedure

2E. Student Policy

2F. Induction of Staff, Volunteers and Managers

2G. Supervision Policy

2H. Capability Procedure

2I. Secure Storage, Handling, Use, Retention and Disposal of Disclosures and Information

2J. Recruitment of Ex offenders

2K. Staff Working with their Own Children or Close Relations

2L. Conflict of Interest Policy

3A. Role of the Key Person and Settling In

3B. Admission and Settling in Policy

3C. Parental Involvement Policy

4A. Staffing and Ratios

5A. Medicine policy

5B. Reporting and Recording of Accidents and Incidents

5C. Intimate Care Policy

5D. Food Hygiene and Food and Drink

5E. First Aid

6A. Achieving Positive Behaviour

7A. Health and Safety General Standards

7B. Risk Assessment

7C. COSHH and Health

7D. Supervision of Children on Outings and Visits

7E. Fire and Evacuation Procedure

7F. Animals In The Setting

8A. Valuing Diversity and Promoting Equality

8B. Bradpole Preschool SEND Policy 2023

9A. Fees

9B. Making a Complaint

9C. Confidentiality and Information Sharing

9D. Daily Routine Policy and Procedure

9E. Partnership working with Outside Agencies

9F. Children’s Records Policy Statement

9G. Transfer of Records to School Policy

9H. Provider Records Policy

9I. Financial Reserve Policy

10A. The Forest School Policies and Procedures

11A. Lockdown Procedure